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The unique international project – Biguan Cultural Center

Place for relaxation, education, development and transformation.
Research and deep Zhong Yuan Qigong and Chinese Image Medicine practice.
Built on charitable contributions entirely. It is located in the suburb of Kiev, Ukraine.

Collected 560 033

~ 5 000 000 €

О центре


Rest and rehabilitation for the whole family inside the comfortable space

The place for holding seminars, regular practice, children divisions

The territory for meditations, retirement and quite practice


The idea of creating the Biguan Cultural Center belongs to Xu Mingtang – a Qigong Master, Professor of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the founder of Chinese Image Medicine school and Zhong Yuan Qigong system.

Проект строительства

Помочь центру

International Biguan Cultural Center is being built completely at the expense of charity donations from Master Xu Mingtang’s students and associates. International charity fund “Mingtang” is engaged in gathering the funds and in administrating the building process.

You can contribute to the realization of this ambitious idea, the dream of thousands of people and families.

Any help - a huge contribution.

Financial Help

Any contribution brings closer the official opening of the Center. We greatly appreciate your support and we are immensely grateful for any help!

Download the form with the requisites to pay a charitable contribution in EURO & USD. Or click on the button and make a donation online with your payment card.

Tell the friends about the Center

Sharing information helps the project to go forward. It will help us to find new friends among the like-minded people from different parts of the world and gather all of them in one place - Biguan Cultural Center.

Great idea, isn't it? =)

Share this idea with your friends, this way you can help the project. Download the booklet and leaflet about the center and share information about the project in social networks:

Give help in building and arrangement

We are in need of workers and building materials. We will greatly appreciate if you help us by providing building materials, and/or provide service for building process.

We are a team of like-minded people with diverse backgrounds and from different cities united by a common vision.

We would be happy to hear from you.

Call us: +380 95 698 84 29

Or write to:


Thank you very much! Together we make a great deal!



23 -29 марта 2020 в 22:00 (msk) Онлайн хилинг и медитации с мастером цигун Сюй Минтаном 7 дней


Сюй Минтан предлагает всем людям присоединиться к Всемирной онлайн-медитации: «Давайте использовать Любовь и Силу, чтобы убить корона вирус во всем мире!»


Он-лайн практика с профессором Сюй Минтаном 22 февраля и 25 февраля 2020 года: «MING (свет) победит коронавирус»

Команда проекта

Xu Mingtang

mastermind, master of Qigong

Tatyana Pomazkina

overall management of the project

Igor Rusin

overall management of the project

Roman Lyashenko

Chief Architect

Eugen Tertichnij

the financing of the project

Ilona Alekseeva

management<br/>the financing of the project

Sergii Shcherba


Tamara Martinova